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by . (cinis)
at August 2nd, 2008 (04:16 am)

I'm going to revive this place with..icons! xD

[26x] MOT

Teasers :

HERE at my journal!

Lyn [userpic]
MOT live @soundholic '06
by Lyn (sanguinaria_san)
at December 15th, 2006 (03:04 pm)

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current song: MOT - i am

Hello there!

I'm really sorry this community has been dead for such a long time. I still haven't made the layout as promised and I guess it will stay like this for awhile, since I have no time at the moment...

Anyway, at least I try to be more active and post new songs whenever I find them and tell the latest news as far as I understand them (since I don't speak Korean, it's not that easy).

So, I have some new live-songs for you! This is their latest gig, I assume. Credits go to 2ever @cafe.daum.net/motband who recorded them.

MOT live @soundholic 01.07.06 [YouSendIt]

The folder contains:
- 이상한 계절 (isanghan gyejeol) *
- i am **
- 현기증 (hyeongijeung - Vertigo) **
- heaven song
- 가장 높은 탑의 노래 (kajang nopeun tabeun norae - A Song from the Tallest Tower) **
- Sway (Dean Martin Cover)
- 나는 왜 (naneun wae)
- love song **
- 나의 절망을 바라는 당신에게 (naeui jeolmangeul baraneun tangshinege - You Wish for My Despair) **
- DJ에게 (윤시내 Cover) (DJege) (Yun Shi Nae Cover)
and several announcements.

* = new song
** = from their album "non-linear"

Their new song 이상한 계절 ist just awesome, 현기증 is very intense, and this live-version of 가장 높은 탑의 노래 is very interesting, because they added some accordion or something, so it sounds kinda French. ^^

Enjoy! ^.^

Lyn [userpic]
by Lyn (sanguinaria_san)
at June 20th, 2006 (08:30 pm)

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current song: MOT - mixolydian wheather (bonus track)

Welcome to the MOT-community~

If you stumbled over this page by coincidence - or purpose :) - and wonder why it looks so crappy -- the reason is simply that I have no time to make a layout at the moment, due to exams.

Feel free to join and post anyway. ^_^ Layout will be done somewhen the next 2 or 3 weeks.

Your mod,

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